Sclero discret creme

Regenerating Intimate Care

  • Intimate care for dry, itching skin & Lichen sclerosus
  • Regular care regenerates & stabilizes the state of the skin
  • For highly sensitive skin
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THYMUSKIN® SCLERO discret for the skin care of the intimate area

The renewability and the rate of cell division already decrease in the late twenties. Due to the aging process, dermal elasticity, the proportion of fat tissue and the ability to bind moisture decrease. The dry skin is often prone to irritation and itching. It becomes increasingly thinner and more sensitive. The regular care with Thymuskin SCLERO discret reduces itching, stabilizes, regenerates and normalizes the state of the skin.

Sclero discret 50ml Tube Bovine Free dermatologisch getestet

Lichen sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory, non-infectious condition of the vulva. All age groups are affected.

Itching, burning, pain

The clinical symptoms are characterised by itching, burning, pain in general and painful sexual intercourse. Lichen sclerosus patients have a highly sensitive, irritable vulva skin. Choosing the right therapy and care is of decisive importance.

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Men also affected

Thymuskin SCLERO discret is also applicable to men.

Treatment and care of genital Lichen sclerosus
Treatment and care of genital Lichen sclerosus1

Strengthens the immune system of the skin cells

Thymuskin SCLERO discret contains the bovine-free GKL-02 thymic peptide complex which is involved in the skin-caring and regenerating properties.

For treatment of Lichen sclerosus

During a clinical observational study about intimate care, an improvement up to complete freedom of symptoms could be confirmed in 80% of all cases1.

Highly effective – no side effects

Thymuskin SCLERO discret combines a highly effective intimate care, free of any side effects. „Analog good results, compared to the calcineurin inhibitors, were made with the approach using a thymic peptide-active agent (Sclero Discret Thymuskin Intimate Care Cream).“2.

  1. M. Hagedorn, S. Polley, E. Hasche: Treatment and care of genital lichen sclerosus, 2008
  2. Encyclopedia of Dermatology, Allergy, Environmental medicine, Altmeyer & Paech 2010

Vulva Pain

Gentle help with Lichen Sclerosus and Phimosis

Genital Lichen Sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory vulva disease, therefore primarily affects the external female genital organs. More rarely other body areas are also affected...

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  • I am suffering from Lichen sclerosus, and I was born in 1950. For about 10 years, I use only P****** 0.03 very sparingly. Initially I took it two times daily, it burns also a bit at the beginning, but with the time it is much, much better. And now I only take it when the inflammation is massive. This is predominantly the case when the body boosts up the immune system for colds, etc.

    And for the daily care I use Thymuscin Sclero discret cream, a creme, which has helped me immensely and it still helps. It has freed me from the itching-attakcs, made my skin smooth and regenerated it. There are long, long phases, and I am free from pain after many years of suffering. The manufacturer is also very open-minded and cares about the customer concerns.

    Johanna S., March 2017

For highly sensitive skin

Sclero discret proves to be optimal skin care for the genital area in genital lichen sclerosus of women and men (pimosis). With regard to a possible skin irritant effect, Sclero discret was classified as harmless even on very sensitive skin.

The gentle alternative

Free of parabens • free of dyestuff & perfume • bovine-free
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